✔️ Danubius Hotel Bük **** Price information

Room prices at Danubius Hotel Bük include all-inclusive meals, free internet access, unlimited use of the hotel's spa area, sauna world and Fitness Studio, children's animation programs (Bubbles Club) and VAT.
The All Inclusive services can be used from 15:00 on the day of arrival (Check-In) until 11:00 (Check-Out) on the day of departure, only in the hotel area. Fees for unused services are non-refundable.
Tourist tax: 600 HUF/person/night.
Parking use: 2300 HUF/car/night.
Pet: 10000 HUF/pet/night (without food).
Child discounts:
In the parents' room the accommodation is free of charge until the age of 5.99 years.

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